Why Us


At PVR, we strive for a greener world in which recyclable materials generated from waste streams both commercial and municipal can be properly recycled. Therefore, we have developed safe and reliable marketing channels with end-users to recycle waste materials into reusable products that can benefit society, while maintaining strict environmental controls.

At PVR it is our goal to share our knowledge in this field of recycling to help industry, municipalities and individuals to develop marketing channels for the safe handling of our waste stream to identify the goods that can be recycled properly and market the recyclable commodities to get maximum value from end-users who are properly licensed to use the recyclable goods.

At PVR, we can help improve the efficiency of identifying, collecting, processing and recycling the recyclable goods to reach the proper markets to benefit everyone with both financial gains for the goods while facilitating a positive supply and demand market for the recyclable goods.



A simple objective. A seamless process.

Our goal is to provide you with a single, reliable export channel, ensuring consistent movement, fair market price, diverse outlets and prompt payment. We can transact quickly, pick up recyclable products swiftly, and make the entire experience smooth and flawless.

A unique philosophy. A diversified strategy.

At PVR, we view synergy with our partners as paramount. We see our role as global marketers of those products on your behalf, ensuring direct access to diversified export markets that are critical in the current economic environment. We constantly seek new areas in which to grow and diversify.

A more direct way to do business. A faster, better payment structure.

Our established relationships with international paper mills and fiber mills cut out the traditional daisy chain of third party brokers. The Ensures you will receive the fairest prices, easy transactions, and prompt payment. Our operation enables you to receive faster, more, experienced, more reliable service and the most favorable prices.

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